Types of Equine Insurance Coverage Options in Australia

Horses aren’t your typical pet. They are far more expensive to keep than dogs and cats and come with heftier vet bills, too. No matter what equestrian discipline you enjoy, horse insurance is essential to give you peace of mind and help you manage any financial obligations.

Fitton Insurance can provide comprehensive horse and bloodstock insurance policies tailored to your needs to protect what matters to you most. Based in Toowoomba, Queensland, we provide service to customers Australia-wide. Below, we explore the different insurance policies available through us.

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Mortality, Theft and Straying

Whether you enjoy pleasure riding or high-level competition, equestrian activities come with inherent risks to the animal. Accidents, injuries, illness and disease are unfortunately a reality when owning a horse. This makes finding insurance that covers accidental death essential.

These horse insurance policies also cover humane destruction when your horse is afflicted with an excessively painful and incurable disease or injury. Theft and straying are also included with this horse insurance as standard.

Horse Vet Insurance

Veterinary fees for horses can be significant. For this reason, getting horse vet insurance is advisable for covering the financial impact of an injury or illness. Options include a standard $5000 with $500 excess or a premium of $10,000 with $500 excess. These policies also include coverage of life-saving surgical fees up to $10,000 with a $250 excess. Keep in mind that you cannot claim insurance for routine care such as vaccinations, dentistry and congenital issues.

Bloodstock Insurance

Bloodstock or thoroughbred insurance is designed for high-value racehorses, stallions, broodmares, yearlings, foals and prospective foals. Rare and valuable breeding stock often require a unique and specialised level of coverage to ensure these precious assets are adequately protected without relying on a standard policy, which may fall short of expectations. At Fitton Insurance, our specialised bloodstock insurance covers all risks of mortality and theft as well as an optional cover for life-saving surgical fees.

Horse Insurance Experts in Australia

Since 1984, the team at Fitton Insurance have provided a competitive and comprehensive range of products relating to horse and thoroughbred insurance in Australia, with coverage arranged through Lloyds. Call us today on 1800 076 277 to discuss your needs.