Medical Insurance for Horses and Bloodstock in Australia

Owning horses can, unfortunately, involve expensive medical bills. Whether you enjoy pleasure riding, high-level competition or have horses as part of your occupation, it’s important to make sure you can look after them during times of need.

At Fitton Insurance, we specialise in providing comprehensive horse and bloodstock insurance policies tailored to your unique circumstances and needs. Based in Toowoomba, Queensland, we help owners of horses and thoroughbreds throughout Australia. Below, we look at what to consider before getting medical horse insurance.

Horse Insurance

What to Consider When Getting Horse Insurance

If you’re considering taking a horse insurance cover, a good first step is to ask a veterinarian to examine your horse for any health issues. The exact type of cover and benefits can differ dramatically, so it’s important to find exactly the right cover and policy for your circumstances. There are several factors to keep in mind that influence the cost of your horse insurance premium, including:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Breed
  • Health
  • Value
  • Risk of injury
  • Type of policy chosen
  • Number of horses insured

Consider the level of coverage you need. Owning one horse for hobby riding is drastically different to owning a thoroughbred racehorse.

Horse Vet Insurance Coverage Levels

When your horse is injured or suffers an illness due to an accident or disease, the veterinary fees to help them get back to good health can be substantial. Horse vet insurance policies are designed to reduce the financial impact of such circumstances and are recommended for all kinds of horse owners, from breeders to hobby riders. 

At Fitton Insurance, our veterinary horse and bloodstock insurance options include the Standard coverage for $5000 with a $500 excess or Premium coverage for up to $10,000 with a $500 excess. We also cover life-saving surgical fees up to $10,000 with a $250 excess. 

Other Types of Horse Insurance

Ordinary horse insurance policies will typically also cover humane destruction when your horse is suffering from an excessively painful and incurable disease or injury. Horse vet insurance cannot be claimed for routine care such as vaccinations and dentistry in most cases unless tailored to do so. Bloodstock or thoroughbred insurance, meanwhile, are specifically designed to provide cover for high-value racehorses, stallions, broodmares, yearlings, foals and prospective foals. 

Additional Extras

It’s always possible to organise horse and thoroughbred insurance policies with your choice of additional extras, including coverage for:

  • Permanent loss of use
  • Stallion permanent and total disability
  • Saddlery and tack
  • Transit and short-term policies for overseas travel
  • Stallion first season congenital infertility and permanent infertility
  • Loss of income
  • Fall of hammer cover

The team at Fitton Insurance are always happy to organise tailored policies to suit your required level of coverage.

Horse Vet Insurance Specialists in Australia

For over 30 years, the team at Fitton Insurance has provided a competitive and comprehensive range of products relating to horse and bloodstock insurance in Australia, with coverage arranged through Lloyds. Call us today on 1800 076 277 to discuss your needs.